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[Why do you need to maintain the rubber seal of your car?]
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Sometimes the windows are closed, and in the car, a small breeze blows in because of the small seal.


Automotive rubber seals not only improve airtightness, they can also be placed inside the car to prevent wind and rain from entering the car. If aging occurs at this time, it will affect the airtightness of the interior of the vehicle, causing leakage inside the vehicle. The wind can also be blown into the vehicle. If the vehicle is leaking, it can easily corrode the vehicle body.


We can see that the seal is a very important part of the car, we must regularly check maintenance. So if you appear in your car air tightness is not very good, how to maintain in normal life?


Check regularly for cracks and breaks. If you find that the car seal breaks, you can look for adhesives to fix it. The adhesive is designed to be bonded. It is not difficult to repair cracks. If you have big cracks or severe aging, then you don't need to use a binder. It's better to replace a new one. The method of replacement is very simple, but in order to play a good role, it is best for professionals to update.


In the usual maintenance process, the following items are included. First, the detergent must be cleaned. After the cleaning, the cleaning agent is not finished. It is also coated with a protective agent to prevent aging and prevent dust. The rubber seal is a very important part of the automobile door and window. It can not only ensure the watertightness of the door and window of the car, but also can reduce the sound insulation, and also has the effect of being protected by external force. However, due to the fact that the usual sun exposure causes aging, shrinkage or deformation, we have to check regularly.


Through the above description, we understand the importance and methods of car rubber seal maintenance, can be applied to our daily car maintenance.

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